Everything You Need to Know About Fishing at Lake Mohave

Welcome to Cottonwood Cove, your gateway to an angler’s paradise at Lake Mohave! Nestled along the sparkling Colorado River, Cottonwood Cove is a premier destination for fishing enthusiasts. With its […]

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Date: 07.18.2023 Category: Blog Things to do What to Bring

Renting a Kayak Near Vegas? Here’s What to Know  

Las Vegas might be associated more with gambling than kayaking, but plenty of people come solely for the natural splendor. Even people who love the flashing lights will schedule a day or two away from the neon strip just for some variety. Red rocks, unforgettable sunsets, and unusual wildlife peeking out from unlikely places have delighted visitors from all over the world. If you’re considering renting a kayak, canoe, boat, or even a houseboat, here’s what to consider if you want to plan ahead. 

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Date: 03.15.2023 Category: Blog Things to do What to Bring

Lake Mohave Fishing Boat Rentals | 5 Top Fishing Spots to Explore  

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is a prime fishing destination, which means that many people visiting Lake Mohave enjoy renting fishing boats in hopes of making a great catch. At Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina, we have rentals available for all of your fishing needs. 

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Date: 10.20.2020 Category: Blog Things to do What to Bring

Top Menu Ideas for Your Houseboat Vacation

For many travelers, one of the most enjoyable aspects of a houseboat vacation is cooking onboard the boat. Preparing your meals and cooking them while you are on the houseboat allows you to enjoy quality time with those you are traveling with in a relaxed, comfortable and home-like atmosphere. When your meal is finished, you can dine on the deck and enjoy the panoramic views. There’s nothing quite like private, waterfront dining.

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Quick and Easy Houseboat Lunch Ideas

Part of the joy of renting a houseboat is the feeling that you’re truly getting away from it all. Don’t let time-consuming meal prep get in the way of enjoying your every second of your adventure!

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Date: 03.21.2019 Category: Blog What to Bring

A Guide to Striped Bass Fishing on Lake Mohave

Spanning over 67 miles along the Nevada/Arizona border, Lake Mohave is one of the best lakes in the Southwest to cast your reel. Anglers congregate here to catch several different kinds of fish including striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish and sometimes even rainbow trout.

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Date: 12.31.2018 Category: Blog Houseboat Rentals What to Bring

What to Pack for your Cottonwood Cove Camping Trip

The pristine blue waters of Lake Mohave contradict with the barren desert mountains that make up the skyline. It’s a sight unlike anything else in the American West, but many people don’t realize that they can enjoy this view by camping on the shores of Lake Mohave. 

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Date: 08.27.2018 Category: Blog What to Bring

[Infographic] What to Rent vs. Bring on your Lake Mohave Houseboat Vacation

Are you heading out to Lake Mohave for a houseboat vacation? Get ready to bring home some amazing memories! Literally, there will probably be sand in your suitcases. From tubing […]

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Date: 07.10.2018 Category: Blog What to Bring