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Ideas for the Best Family Summer Vacation

Date: April 17, 2019
Category: Blog Things to do

Nearly every adult can look back on a family vacation from their childhood with fondness. They often laugh about the unexpected hiccups and feel nostalgic about those awe-inspiring moments when everyone experienced the beauty of a sunset together.

Knowing how special a family vacation can be, parents often go to great lengths to create exciting and adventurous itineraries for their families. If you are looking for summer vacation plans this year, consider these fun-filled ideas:

Take a Historical Tour of New England

Summer vacation is the perfect time to extend learning beyond the classroom and introduce young children to the history lessons that they have been taught throughout the school year. A historical tour of New England is the ideal family vacation for aspiring history buffs. There are endless opportunities to consider, from touring Independence Hall in Philadelphia to visiting the Statue of Liberty in New York City. There are historical tours and attractions for families of all ages and stages throughout New England.

Spend a Week Living on a Houseboat

Rather than spending a week visiting attractions or ride-hopping at theme parks, families can take the opportunity this summer to experience something unique and authentic. Houseboating is a family-friendly way to travel, and the best place to spend a week living on a boat is Lake Mohave. At Cottonwood Cove, there are houseboat rentals for travel parties of all sizes. While living on the lake, families can enjoy fishing, swimming and all sorts of water sports. There are also opportunities to dock the boat and go exploring the great outdoors together.

Visit a National Park — And Stay a While

All too often, families make the mistake of spending a few hours exploring a small corner of a nearby National Park. Rather than opting for the ever-popular day trip to a National Park, book a vacation that allows you and your family to immerse yourself in the park. There are many resorts within the boundaries of some of the most breathtaking National Parks in the country. When you stay on-site, you and your family can enjoy endless opportunities to wander and explore.

As long as you are with your family and friends, it is sure to be the best summer vacation yet. However, to make it extra special, you may want to book your houseboat at Cottonwood Cove today. Contact us for more information about our rates and availability.

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