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Lake Mohave Weather | Top Things to Do Each Season  

Date: October 13, 2021
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No matter the season, Lake Mohave is the perfect destination for you and your family to experience the great outdoors like never before. Watch the sunrise above majestic mountains surrounding the lake, or spend your days exploring the deep canyons. In addition to countless stunning natural features, this one-of-a-kind location is also home to 3,000-year-old petroglyphs that will take you back to the time of the Mohave Native Americans who first inhabited the region.

Kids and adults alike will wonder at the beauty, serenity and thrilling activities that make Lake Mohave the perfect destination for your next trip. No matter how you choose to spend your time at Lake Mohave, you can be sure to make lasting memories that renew your appreciation for nature — all year long. Take a look at Cottonwood Cove Resort’s top suggestions to make your next vacation at Lake Mohave your best one yet.

Thrilling Summertime Water Sports

Spanning 67 miles along the Arizona-Nevada border, Lake Mohave was created in 1951 as a reservoir on the Colorado River. Its glistening waters create the ideal setting for a number of water sports, both for the wildly adventurous and those seeking peaceful refuge.


Whether you’re visiting in the heart of summer, spring, fall or even winter, temperate Lake Mohave weather will make your trip an enjoyable getaway. Discover the warm water temp and soothing wind at the lake in August, when swimming is refreshing yet comfortable. Light wind ensures that visitors won’t feel oppressed by the summer heat.

Scuba Diving

Visitors can even dive into the depths of Lake Mohave, which features a diverse range of plants and animals. The lake reaches depths of over 100 feet, so scuba divers can easily spend the whole day discovering underwater wonders like rainbow trout, threadfin shad, striped bass and razorback sucker.


Boating is also a popular pastime on Lake Mohave, with the possibility to water ski, wakeboard or even tube. Of course, fishing is a go-to for many visitors, who can hone their skills in one of the most beautiful locations in the western United States. Houseboat rentals are a popular way to experience Lake Mohave’s many wonders in style.

Enjoy Hiking and Off-Roading Trails in Fall

While water activities are one of the main attractions at Lake Mohave, visitors can have an equally fulfilling and exciting visit out of the water. The lake is situated between the Black, Eldorado, Painted, and Pyramid canyons, which makes for incredible hiking and off-roading adventures. At Lake Mohave, visitors can relax, enjoy a picnic beside the crystal-clear lake, hike and drive through winding trails — this landscape offers endless entertainment and beauty.

Hidden Coves

Lake Mohave is known for its hidden coves that are perfect for a rest stop, camping or pure exploration. Summer is the high season for tourism at Lake Mohave, but fall is generally more peaceful and less crowded. That’s why autumn is a terrific time to set out on the many trails around Lake Mohave, never knowing what you’ll discover just around the corner.

Best Hiking Trails

Depending on experience level, visitors can choose hiking trails that are easy and perfect for sightseeing, or they can go for more strenuous paths. To see sand dunes and protected dunes, hike through Katherine’s landing. White Rock Canyon, however, includes more challenging hikes and trails that are only open to visitors seasonally. Fisherman’s Trail, Lake View and Liberty Bell Arch are also fantastic options. Just make sure to drink plenty of water (a gallon per person), apply ample sunscreen and refrain from hiking alone.

Fishing and Photography in Winter

Tourism at Lake Mohave is minimal during winter, meaning visitors will feel like they have the gorgeous lake to themselves. There are several activities that make Lake Mohave an ideal choice for your next winter vacation, not to mention the mild Lake Mohave weather and limited boat traffic.


Winter is the ideal time to have a rejuvenating fishing getaway at Lake Mohave. Many visitors come to Lake Mohave seeking serenity and rejuvenation, but at Cottonwood Cove, we recommend visiting in winter. Winter is the best time to fish for crappie on the lake, with locals suggesting going to the coves, fishing near vertical walls to get the best catches. Fish up to 40 feet deep to catch hefty striped bass and a vast selection of other fish. Average winter temperatures at Lake Mohave are in the 40s (Fahrenheit).


Calling all photographers — Lake Mohave is a must to capture stunning shots this winter. With the possibility to take pictures without the teeming crowds that flock to the lake in the summer, photographers can experiment with long exposure and amazing panoramic photos.

Discover Lake Mohave in the Spring

When the chill of winter starts to fade, Lake Mohave comes alive once more, becoming an enchanting camping destination.


Once again, Lake Mohave welcomes all kinds of visitors — those who enjoy “roughing it” and camping outdoors, those traveling in RVs and of course, those who prefer to “camp” indoors, with running water and comfortable accommodations.

Shoreline camping grounds make for a peaceful resting place after a long day of activities. For those in RVs, Cottonwood Cove Resort is also home to RV sites that come with full hookups. Lastly, for those seeking the amenities of a hotel or classic lodging, Cottonwood Cove Resort offers several room options.

Swimming and Diving

Swimmers should expect the water temp to be slightly cool in spring, but water activities like scuba diving are ideal, given that cooler water limits algae growth and improves visibility.

Plan Your Dream Getaway at Cottonwood Cove Resort

Lake Mohave is a wonderful destination for families, couples and adventurers of all ages. Here at Cottonwood Cove Resort, we want to make your next trip to Lake Mohave the best one yet. We specialize in houseboat rentals and are pleased to help you choose the best rental to optimize your vacation.

Choose your ideal houseboat from our extensive range of options, which includes our 50’ Sirius Houseboat and the 70’ Silver Houseboat that sleeps up to 12 people comfortably. Transform your trip to Lake Mohave into a magical, once-in-a-lifetime experience that will create lasting memories for your family and friends.

Our friendly team at Cottonwood Cove Resort would love to help you plan your next trip to Lake Mohave, ensuring that you have the best accommodations available. To learn more about our exceptional houseboat rentals, give us a call at 855-918-5253, email us at [email protected] or fill out this quick contact form today.

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