Luxury Houseboats | Fascinating Facts About Lake Mohave

Date: April 14, 2016
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Lake Mohave is a fascinating place. It may not be as well-known as Lake Mead or Lake Powell, but it definitely has its own appeal and is a beautiful place to take one of our luxury houseboats. Here are a few interesting facts you may not know about Lake Mohave:


Scuba Diving

Lake Mohave is a great place for scuba diving, whether you’re advanced or a beginner. At the Black Canyon site, which divers rank high among fresh-water dive sites, you can get down to 100 feet within a few minutes. At Cabinsite point, you’ll find a bus and other wrecks. Ringbolt Rapids is for the more experienced divers because it’s like being in the path of a tornado, only one that you survive, they say.


Razorback Suckerfish

Lake Mohave is bringing a critically endangered fish back to life. The Razorback Suckerfish, which was common to the Pima and Gila River watershed systems but got a raw deal from commercial fishing and the dams. At Lake Mohave, biologists have been collecting the fry and placing them in protected areas. When they grow to 14 inches after a few years, big enough not to end up as food for other fish, they’re set free and it seems the system is working. Razorback Suckerfish were spotted in the lower Grand Canyon in 2013, the first time since the 1990s. So if you catch a Razorback Suckerfish from one of our luxury houseboats, please help with the conservation effort and let it go free back into the water.


Davis Dam

It’s natural to assume Lake Mohave was formed from Hoover Dam if you haven’t been here before. But it was actually created by Davis Dam, which re-regulates water released from Hoover Dam. It also delivers 1.5 million feet per acre of water to Mexico, part of a deal dating back to 1944. Davis Dam is 1,600 feet long and produces 250 megawatts of hydroelectric energy, enough to power about 250,000 homes.


When you’re thinking about a houseboat vacation, we invite you to come see Lake Mohave for yourself. Our luxury houseboats are waiting for you, call our toll free number at Forever Houseboats: (800) 255-5561.