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Plan Your Trip to Lake Mohave | Camping, Boating, Fishing and More  

Date: January 18, 2021
Category: Blog Things to do

Spending some time on Lake Mohave could be the ideal way to just relax and take in nature. Whether you’re looking for camping in some of the best conditions possible or to spend the weekend fishing, there’s a lot to love about this area. The reservoir itself, located on the Colorado River, provides plenty of fun things to do. At Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina, we want to ensure you plan an exciting experience that’s right for you and your family.

When to Visit the Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Lake Mohave sits next to Hoover Dam and is a part of the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. As a result, it’s managed by the U.S. National Park Service. Before planning your trip to the area, it’s a good idea to check out the Lake Mead website to ensure there is availability and access. The good news is there’s usually plenty of both.

We also recommend giving our team a call at Cottonwood Cove. Let us help you set up a houseboat rental and get your visit planned for you. This ensures you’ll get the best access to the experience you’re after.

As for when to come, there really isn’t a bad time of the year to visit this region. The weather is mild in the winter and spring months, and summer is dry and hot. Tourism season does kick up starting in May and onward, but there’s usually ample space to spread out and have fun with the family even then.

Where Should You Stay in Lake Mohave?

You have some options here. There are numerous camping and lodging opportunities in this area. If you want to stay along the shoreline and really explore the region, we recommend you stay at the Cottonwood Cove Motel. If you have an RV camper, Cottonwood Cove has 72 full RV hook ups available for a daily rate. But the ultimate waterfront experience would be to rent a houseboat on Lake Mohave.

What to Do When You Arrive

Planning your visit to Lake Mohave involves exploring different activities and things to do in the area. Give yourself plenty of time to see the sites and to explore the region. There’s a lot to do for anyone that enjoys nature. Here are some key suggestions to consider.

Take in the Natural Surroundings

When you stay with us at Cottonwood Cove, you’ll find it’s impossible not to love the view out of every window and around every corner. The area is surrounded by mountains with the lake in steep canyons. You’re sure to see a lot of history here, too.

Pay close attention and you’ll see petroglyphs on the cliff walls in many areas. These are 3000 years old, or older. They were made by the Mohave American Indians that lived in the area.

Located on the southern end of the national recreation area, Lake Mohave is vibrant when it comes to natural beauty. We encourage you to explore the entire region – from Willow Beach to Katherine Landing. Lake Mohave has some of the best sunrises you’ll find coming in over the mountains.


The fish in the Lake Mohave reservoir and the surrounding Colorado River are exceptional. If you enjoy fishing, you’ll find numerous types of fish here.

Razorback sucker and Bonytail chub are two native fish to the region. Both are considered endangered, though. For those who want to catch fish, there are several options.

    • Rainbow trout
    • Stripped bass
    • Smallmouth bass
    • Largemouth bass
    • Common carp
    • Sunfish
    • Crappie

There are fish enhancement projects in the area. This helps to ensure a diverse population and good numbers most times of the year. Camping just for the fishing can be worth the experience.


Boating is allowed on Lake Mohave, along with Lake Mead. You can use any personal watercraft with a four-stroke-powered engine. It’s an excellent way to spend the day. You can launch right from Cottonwood Cove Marina to explore the entire region, all along the Colorado River as well as into open water. There are launch ramps available and fuel sales are immediately accessible for most needs. Houseboat rentals are a good option for those looking for a new and exciting experience. Our team at Cottonwood Cove can help you with making memories on these boats.

Scuba Diving

Why not? If you really want to see the natural aspects of this community, consider scuba diving. The Davis Dam and the lower Grand Canyon are excellent options for those who want to scuba dive. There are options for beginners as well as those who are experienced divers. A good choice for closer to Lake Mohave is Black Canyon. The Ringbolt Rapids are a much more challenging area. There are a few wrecks in the area that are fun to explore.

Hot Springs

The area is home to several hot springs, especially in the northern section of the lake. These stem from the Black Canyon and Cottonwood Valley’s volcanic origin. One of the best options that’s close by to the camping area is Gold Strike Hot Springs. It’s about a 1.2-mile hike from a trailhead just south of Hoover Dam. The springs are one of the most common destinations for visitors. If you want to explore a few more, visit Arizona Hot Springs and the Two Mile Hot Springs area. Both are just a few miles away. These two are a bit less traveled but still offer the same experience.

What Else Can You Plan for Your Trip to Lake Mohave?

While we’re talking about camping and boating in Lake Mohave, and all of the things you should plan for during your trip, also leave a lot of time to just explore. You don’t need an itinerary to explore this region.  Here are a few more things you may want to consider adding to your exploration as you have time.

  • Take a Hoover Dam Raft Tour. This is a good way to see the expansiveness of the Colorado River. There are various options available including slow-moving tours that are perfect for the whole family.
  • Check out the Hoover Dam. Many people come to the region for this, but even if you’re just staying with us for the fishing at Lake Mohave, it’s worth taking a trip to the dam.
  • Go for a hike around the lake. There are numerous beautiful trails available, with ample wildlife around every turn.

Are you ready to plan your experience? Rent a houseboat with us to really have a fantastic experience. We’re confident you’ll love the region and all it has to offer. Learn more by calling us today at 877-262-8212.

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