[Infographic] What to Rent vs. Bring on your Lake Mohave Houseboat Vacation

Date: July 10, 2018
Category: Blog What to Bring

Are you heading out to Lake Mohave for a houseboat vacation? Get ready to bring home some amazing memories! Literally, there will probably be sand in your suitcases. From tubing and jet ski rentals to happy hour on the boat deck, there’s so much adventure and fun to be had on the lake.

If you’re planning a family lake trip, you might be wondering if you should bring your own water shoes or ice chest. There are definitely some personal items that we suggest bringing yourself, but you might be surprised as to what you can rent once you get there.

Your packing checklist will vary based on the people in your group. Be sure you brush up on boating laws as you might be required to get a Boater Education Card before you head out on the water. Check out our Houseboating 101 section for more houseboating tips. Ready to reserve your houseboat? Contact us today!