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Lake Mohave Fishing Guide  

There’s nothing quite like a long, quiet morning fishing on the waters of Lake Mohave. It’s the ideal place for those who are beginners, just learning how to cast or seasoned near-pros who know just what type of bait will lure in the big one. Lake Mohave fishing is a must for anyone visiting the area. With the right tools and tips in this guide, you can ensure every trip is a successful one. At Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina, we welcome you to test out the fishing right here from your houseboat rental.

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Date: 06.14.2021 Category: Blog Things to do

Plan Your Trip to Lake Mohave | Camping, Boating, Fishing and More  

Spending some time on Lake Mohave could be the ideal way to just relax and take in nature. Whether you’re looking for camping in some of the best conditions possible or to spend the weekend fishing, there’s a lot to love about this area. The reservoir itself, located on the Colorado River, provides plenty of fun things to do. At Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina, we want to ensure you plan an exciting experience that’s right for you and your family.

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Date: 01.18.2021 Category: Blog Things to do

Lake Mohave Guide For First Time Visitors

At Cottonwood Cove Resort and Marina, we encourage first-time visitors to get out there and experience Lake Mohave to its full potential. From what to do, where to stay, and how to get there, here’s a Lake Mohave guide for first time visitors. 

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Date: 09.23.2020 Category: Blog Things to do