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Fun Things to Do in and Around Laughlin With the Family  

Date: July 15, 2022
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The city of Laughlin is a resort town in Clark County, Nevada that sits on the Colorado River. It has long been a destination for all sorts of activities, including near the water. For those planning a trip to Laughlin with family or perhaps looking for a getaway just for couples, the city has much to offer.

At Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina, we encourage you to explore what the city has to offer and beyond, including a visit to nearby Lake Mohave. To help make sure you can do this with ease, we have a few recommendations for having some fun this weekend in Laughlin and the surrounding area.

Rent a Houseboat

Cottonwood Cove Resort & Marina is a premier destination for those who want to rent a houseboat and spend time out on the water. You can fish, sunbathe, enjoy your personal watercraft and so much more. You can choose one of our boat rentals to explore all that the lake has to offer. Some people love to canoe and kayak along Lake Mohave. It is a fun way to see the expansiveness of Lake Mohave while also getting to truly enjoy nature.

Check Out the Riverwalk

The Riverwalk Trail is stunning. It is about four miles long, near the Laughlin Strip. There are a lot of shops and restaurants here, but even if you just go late in the evening, it is a beautiful way to spend time enjoying the weather. It also provides one of the best ways to see the beauty of the Colorado River. Do this at sunset or sunrise for a romantic experience for couples. Anyone can easily enjoy this walk.

Visit the Grapevine Canyon

Another fun place to visit is Grapevine Canyon. It is located just south of Spring Mountain. This canyon is a good way to really understand the local ecosystem. There are various areas of rich flora and fauna that is unique to the Mojave Desert.

You can walk along the canyon, and as you do, you will see petroglyphs that have been there for centuries. Look closely at the rock formations to find them along the route. It’s a good time for a bit of a history lesson for the kids.

Explore Christmas Tree Pass

Christmas Tree Pass stretches 12 miles spanning from the Grapevine Canyon to Spirit Mountain. It’s a gravel road but is easy to travel over, though there are some difficult points along the way. While walking it fully is challenging, it is still a great place to stop off and explore as you check out the area. You can also drive along Highway 163 and US Highway 93 to check it out.

Primm Valley Family Fun

Perhaps you are the type of family that loves to take on an adventure. That is easy to do when you visit the Laughlin area, but for a more modern version, check out Primm Valley Family Fun. There are a lot of thrilling sites, including roller coasters like The Desperado, which it is known for. It is also home to Zone Arcade, which is a great place to duck into when it is hot outside. Another way to cool off is along the Adventure Canyon Log Flume.

Boulder City Hoover Dam Museum

For those who want to incorporate some education into their experience, there’s no better way to learn about dams than at the Boulder City Hoover Dam Museum. It is an exceptional way to explore the history behind the dam as well as to learn how they work and why. This is a great place to get some interesting facts, too.

Laughlin Labyrinth

Another interesting place to visit is the Laughlin Labyrinth. There are actually eight labyrinths located throughout the city. This is a fun and unique place to visit and learn about the area. They are also a location where many come to sit and enjoy the peace and quiet. Meditation here can be restorative. It is also a good location to see stunning views of the desert terrain.

Colorado River Museum

Another solid history museum to visit is the Colorado River Museum. The structure was built in 1947 and provides some interesting exhibits to check out. The original structure was a house. The people who lived here were individuals who helped build the Davis Dam. Today, there are a lot of artifacts from that time. Since the dams in this area are so critical to the overall environment and ecosystem, this type of museum can be quite an educational opportunity.

Check Out the Water Activities

When you visit Cottonwood Cove, you’ll have the ability to rent a boat, do some fishing, and enjoy all of the waterfront you like. In Laughlin, there are various opportunities to enjoy the water. For example, you can water ski, jet ski and boat along the entire Colorado River.

There are some rental companies available at various points to help you if you want to take out your own boat. On the other hand, you could check out some of the tour boats as well as go for a cruise along one of the paddlewheel steamship replicas that operate here.

If you still want more water fun, consider the swimming beaches. Cottonwood Cove has some of the best beaches in the area. They are clean and offer ample space for you to spread out and truly have some fun.

For those who love to fish, there are numerous areas to do so (any area of the lake or river can prove to be a fantastic way to go). You’ll find the fish are plentiful nearly all year.

You can also canoe or kayak along the waterfront, explore the area’s bays and coves, and just take in the beauty of nature. Guided river trips are a fun way to explore the area, especially if you are visiting for the first time.

Ready to have some fun? This weekend, check out some of these things to do in Laughlin. Book some time with us and have some fun with family or just for couples. There is no doubt this area has much to offer, no matter what type of experience you hope to have.

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